Dalmatian toadflax stem weevil info sheet

Leafy spurge stem boring beetle info sheet

Leafy spurge flea beetles info sheet

Spotted knapweed root weevil info sheet
Yellow toadflax stem weevil info sheet

Spotted knapweed flower weevil info sheet

Biological weed control monitoring form

Field Guide for the Biocontrol of Weeds

SIMP for Dalmatian toadflax stem weevil

SIMP for leafy spurge flea beetles

SIMP for spotted knapweed root weevil

SIMP for spotted knapweed seed head weevils

Montana Biocontrol Action Plan

2019 MTBCP Assessment

Biocontrol Agent Distributors

Biocontrol agent release worksheet

Insect Measuring Vial Label

MT Biocontrol Field Guide